18. april 2014

The blog has moved

This blog has been moved to a new domain along with my new portfolio.

Hope to see you there!

All the best


5. april 2014

My first darkroom

Perhaps the best way to learn photography is the least glamourous way?

Folken, Stavanger, some time between 2008 and 2012. Doesn't really matter when, nothing changed while I was there. The sink was clogged the entire time...

Enjoy the silence

Frysja, Oslo, march 2014

9. mars 2014

By:larm - The full story

Crowds queing to get into Mono.

First row fans of Death by Unga Bunga

Bass guitarist from Frk. Fryd


Deathcrush' lead singer

Girl Army (a band with no girls)

Fans and lead singer of Rumble in Rhodos

Rumble in Rhodos

Serena Manesh

Frk. Fryd

Lady Moskow. The band didn't get to play at By:larm, so they borrowed a space across the street from Rockefeller, and treated waiting crowds to mini-concerts during stage-changes at the festival. There were free hot dogs.

Lady Moskow.

Aleksander, a volunteer with the stage crew. I knew Alex from my time at Folken in Stavanger

Closing time.

22. februar 2014

Over the winter city


Have you been?
Have done will travel
I fell down on me knees
I've been high
I've climbed so high
The light, sometimes it washes over me.

Oslo, Norway, january and february 2014. Views from the windows of my everyday life. 

(Words by Michael Stipe, "I've Been High" from "Reveal" (2001))

9. januar 2014

Last dance, last shot

Kaizers Orchestra, Sentrum Scene, Oslo, 30th august 2013

This is the last frame I shot of Kaizers Orchestra. There have been many pictures since I saw them first in 2008, and this concert was probably the last one for a long while. They did get a little too whimpy and over-romantic on the last albums, but I'll miss them anyways...