27. oktober 2013

Mos Def

Yasiin Bey aka. Mos Def performing in Betong, Chateu Neuf, Oslo, october 2013.

PS: I can't help it: I watched the 2005 version of Hithhikers Guide to the Galaxy before turning fan and reading the Douglas Adams books twice. Mos Def in the role of Ford Prefect was singed into my mind when reading the books, so I can't help but think I met the actual Ford Prefect yesterday. He is now a loony hip-hop artist touring the little world of earth. It all makes sence. (Where can I get my Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster?)

Christmas Lights

Up above candles on air flicker
Oh they flicker and they flow
And I am up here holding on to all those chandeliers of hope
And like some drunken in this city
I go singing out of tune

 Copenhagen, october 2012. Words from "Christmas Lights" by Coldplay.

11. oktober 2013

Who were you?

Moddi, Rockefeller, october 2013.

Today Moddi releases his third studio album; "Kæm va du?" on Impeller Records. Yesterday, he played a sold out gig at Rockefeller. Theese are two out of 13 digital files I shot during the show, you (and I) are just going to have to wait for the analogue ones for more.


20. september 2013

Somewhere south/east of Gardermoen (OSL), september 2013.

(Okay, I admit it, I like awesome landscapes and clouds too...!)

18. september 2013

Nirvana and Catalunya

Barcelona, Catalunya, september 2013

(The couple was playing Nirvana, she sang loud and falsely, so much style, gotta love it!)

15. september 2013

Barcelona, september 2013

High speed train

I jump on a high speed train
I'll never look back again
To Berlin, Kyoto or Marseilles
I'd go anywhere for you

Catalunya, september 2013. Words by Michael Stipe (R.E.M.), "High Speed Train" (From Around the Sun, 2003)