6. juli 2012

Orphans: Tram from Birkelunden at christmas-time

I have wrote about them before, the bastards, the orphans. Pictures with great meaning but hardly meant to be, and without context. The come to be when I put a film in a camera that is older than me, and the rewind fails or, at this occation, the camera is simply left in a corner with a few unknown exposures, the film swapped and left in a cooler for the next time I clean it. Which are a lot of days...

Theese picture are the only clear exposures on a roll of film I recently found in the fridge, left from last cristmas or the one before, forgotten and sulking, little orphan photographs. But between them they show a little bit of what Oslo and its blue trams mean to me. I love surprises, best reason to use film!

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