23. mai 2012

The answer

Some people ask why I usually shoot black and white*, and I don't always have an answer ready for them. As always, someone have said it better than me, so I quote:

"Working with black and white photography has always been the most direct way for me to reach more existential questions. In black and white I feel my images are not bound to a specific location or time, but they create their own universe. I like to think they are about something else and more than just what they show. At least that is my ambition; to focus on our emotions and a state of mind that is not defined by how we look or where we come from, but on the things that connect us and make us dependent on each other."
  - Jacob Aue Sobol, Leica Camera Blog

Couple riding the London Underground, september 2011, from the project "Anonymous".

*) Because I usually shoot digital, and I want to keep my internal organs, I digitally develope black and white files and prints from colour RAW-data, but that is besides the point.

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