24. april 2012


Janove Kaizer, watch out, Major Parkison is coming to get you!

Dare I swear in church? Dare I commit the great sin of blasphemy? Dare I utter the possibility that there is a new kid on the block, someone going for the throne of The Jackal himself? I think I do...

Kaizers Orchestra, I have been a fatihful fan for the last few years and I have even been tormented by the fact that you passed me by for such a long time. But I belive you are starting to loose it. Honestly, how can you sing "Syv Bøtter Tårer" and then call yourself Norways best live band with a straight face? How can you make the fans that screamed "Hallelujah!" at the slight whip of The Jackals hand sing along to "Hjerteknuser"? Where did it all go wrong? Where did you go from burlesque mafia to romantic tragedy and buckets of tears?

Well, when hearing Major Parkinson play live I get the feeling Mr. Kaizer (yep, the one with the bastard cat) have bought a new band and not told anyone. They twindle and turn us into their Tim Burton like sprial dream world, down the rabbit hole into uncontrollable manic circus. We scream for more, we got more than we hope for, and are left blank and sweaty at the end of the show, not knowing what hit us.

And like the first times I photographed Kaizers, the pictures were rubbish. I couldn't create the circus from the stage in my pictures. Fuck it. Theese pictures are horrible too, all the chaos went down in the drain with the developer. Well, I guess you have to go dance for yourself...

Photonerd-note: Theese are my first rolls of Kodak T-Max 3200, a film I will have to get used to. More to come, I promise.

22. april 2012


I can't help thinking about Art and Paul as I close my eyes and let my ear see the voices of Erlend  and Eirik while their guitar gently speak of the little lifes of people in this world. 

Usually photo-restrictions in concerts mean trouble, but as long as I don't have to sign a release giving the artist all copyrights to my pictures I count myself lucky. Yesterday Kings of Convenience demanded that there weren't to be any photography during the first 30 minutes, and no proffesionals were allowed close to the stage. Also, they closed the bar, special band... I can easily live with not shooting the first half hour. Usually the light improves over the course of the show, and as artists and audience warm up I get better pictures. But I couldn't picture myself sitting in a dark corner far back at the end of my telephoto lens, so I went for a slightly different approach.

I left my Nikon-kit and bag in the office, put my press-pass away and walked into the front of the audience with Fioleta, my trusty Fuji X100, and pretended to be any ol'music-lover waiting to hear one of his favourite band and maybe grab a picture or three. The first 30 minutes was blissfull, looking with my ears and not my camera (I haven't trusted my eyes for a while), taking in the sweet voices and the gentle strokes of the guitars. To men, twelve strings, half a world away.

After half an hour Fioleta got to play with the lights and shades, doing her thing and doing it well. I was singing along to songs I don' know as the concert went on, and dancing with everyone when the band came to play. A fantastic show, I wouldn't have missed it for the world. King of Convenience got a new fan tonight.


More photos to come at www.folken.no/bilder

7. april 2012