28. mars 2012

I feel uneasy in churches, off my game, lost in a familiar world. Especially when the floor disapears from underneath me, litterally. St. Petri church need to mark their steps...

19. mars 2012


I've been in Amsterdam for the weekend, trying to get my head around the city. The bicycling-culture has got an intence presence in the city, and it is getting more and more clear that I want to to a comparative study of it for my master thesis in Urban Design and Planning. But, momentarily I'm stuck in Copenhagen. The transfer from Amsterdam to Stavanger have become an overnight stay as there was a problem with the aircraft. Well, nice room, good service, no problem really. Only I miss my home "cave"...

14. mars 2012

The randomness

I like to be in control and I have mixed feelings about surprises. But I admit it, I like to unroll a freshly developed roll of film and discovering a random, crazy picture that is born out of mistakes and error. Little bastard photographs to be loved and cherished!

I might have to test more double exposures, they tend to work out somehow...


Obrestad, february 2012