25. desember 2012

Frida, known in the blogosphere as Feanare, Fredsprismuseet, Oslo, september 2012

21. desember 2012

Selfportrait in floating spheres

Malmö, oktober 2012.

PS: I like the word "sphere", but I get to use it far to rarely...

16. desember 2012

Pictured future

Perspective renderings of proposed redesign of Nørrebro, Copenhagen. I have done the final touches on the renderings, which are the result of a group effort.

13. desember 2012

10. november 2012


Daniel adjusts his camera before a take, whilst shooting a advert for the scouts in the area around the Pulpit Rock. My second out of three trips to the Rock this year!

New years eve is usually the time people start to look back at the previous year to figure out why they didn't get to go backpacking in South America this year eighter. I do the rewind a month or so early, when I go through my archive to find pictures for the calendar I give my grandmother each year for christmas. Suddenly, I realize how many things I get to see if I keep an open mind to new projects.

3. november 2012

Frys et sekund

Men tid er så mangt, bare tenkt deg om
I et maleri, er det tid inni sånt?
Frys et sekund for evigheten
så kaller du det kunst, eller sannheten
Minnene dine er som bilder i en film
du ser om og om igjen
De fester seg som lim
Nå står du utenfor og ser inn
og så spør du meg om det er deg du ser

                                                                ("Tvilling", Kaizers Orchestra, Violeta Violeta Vol.III)

26. oktober 2012

Corbusier City

Todays challenge: Find the people in this example of modernistic city development in the 21st century (long after people figured out Le Corbusier really didn't know what urban life needs)

Ørestad, Copenhagen, october 2012

PS: Number three is a trick - there are no people in the picture. As for the others, belive me when I say I was not trying to avoid picturing people, they just wheren't many around... 

29. september 2012

Getting there

Kastrup Airport and North Jutland, august 2012


The traditional first picture, selfie in the mirror.

Go wide girl
The world is out there

The world is full of pictures waiting to be found, sometimes too many and I feel my eyes going sore. Its good to see wide, take it all in and capture the world as it unfolds.
When I left for the largest country in the world, The Abroad, my girlfriend Frida put her beloved Minolta CLE in my hands and told me to show her the world. She has got a great eye, seeing pictures where I see little, but she decided to leave the pictures rumbling for a time and concentrate on othe things. But cameras are made to capture, and it would be sad to see hers sit on a shelf wanting to See.

So little girl, go wide, let me show you the world!

Stena Saga, Skagerak, september 2012

19. september 2012

15. september 2012

The Animals

Poor Leno
Where you'll be, I'll go.
Where you'll be, I'll know.
Where you'll be, I'll find you.

Aalborg Zoo, september 2012.