26. desember 2011

Birdie and a hand

Street art piece at Tou Scene, Stavanger. Unknown artist

For the last couple of years, I have called Stavanger, on the western coast of Norway, home, whilst studying for my mandatory masters degree at the university there. Stavanger is filled with contradictions. On one hand it is a vivid remnant of the pietistic christian culture with streets lined with churches and lodges of abstinence, and on the other hand the big oil industry, money and a rich nightlife. Street art meets a zero tollerance policy whilst being applauded for giving the city something to be proud of. A birdie and a hand (for lifes rich demand). 


7. desember 2011

Flagged as 'maybe'

All ears
Do you hear them scream to get
out into the world?

They scream to get out, show what they can do. But I want them to wait, see if they are ready. I let them roam the closed quarters, discover friend among themselves. Some turn out to be outcasts or not team players. I have a hard-drive full of teenage photographs, screaming to be seen. I guess I love them all too much to let go...