10. oktober 2011


I have gotten into street art photography, and I can't get out. Whenever I turn a corner there is something new, and everything is so exciting I can't wait to see a contrasty B/W print of it, slightly blue-toned. This is my time and I am thrilled to be alive.

David Choe and DVS-1


Herbert Baglione





David Choe and DVS-1

 David Choe

This is not the last post about NuArt'11, I promise, but as the festival is drawing to a close, I want to thank Martin, Marte, Tore and Leon for making Nuart what it is, and the artists for spending hours making the streets of Stavanger more colourful. And of course, thank you all for letting me hang around and photograph your world.

                                                                        - CF

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